Parker Culture

"My parents moved to Stonegate last spring, and from the first, it was clear we had made the right choice. You and your staff have been unfailingly thoughtful and helpful. I will simply say that my whole family is very grateful to all of you, for everything." - Camilla T.

Staff Member using tablet with Resident

Culture is the established behaviors, values, products, reward systems, and rituals that define an organization. You can sense our culture when you visit one of our residences or programs, because it is often evident in our actions, enthusiasm, and environment. 

Parker is a diverse community of over 1,000 passionate employees, caregivers, volunteers, thought leaders, researchers, educators and partners leading the way in aging services. Together we're creating a vibrant, inclusive aging services world that is easier to navigate, offers flexible solutions and designs ways for seniors, families, friends and communities to actively stay connected. From our award-winning staff to dynamic leaders and administrators, we are united in making aging more manageable, relatable and enriching for all.

For too many, aging is synonymous with decline, isolation and social irrelevance. Our Mission and Vision statements reclaims aging for the life stage that it is and restores it to its place on the life continuum. Aging is a natural, worthwhile life stage that we at Parker embrace, design for, invest and partake in, as a society. 

Our Vision
Make aging part of life

Our Mission 
Discover ways to make aging manageable, relatable and enriching for all of society