Education & Research

PARKER supports its mission by providing education for staff, residents, family members and the community on current healthcare trends and long-term care initiatives.

Parker also provides educational opportunities for organizations to learn from our thought leadership on a variety of topics related to the healthcare, service and growth in the field of long-term care.

We participate in research initiatives that focus on methods and best practices to improve the lives of elders, particularly in the areas of brain health, living environments, and elder safety. 

We are proud to state that Parker enjoys many educational affiliations with colleges and universities, including Rutgers, Kean, Middlesex County College, numerous technical and vocational schools, and organizations with a mission for education like the Alzheimer's Association.

In alignment with Parker's mission to offer transformational learning opportunities for nurses and other healthcare professionals, employees are engaged in ongoing education through the University of Parker, including classes in:
  • Positive Approach to Care
  • Eden Associate Training
  • Neighborhood Guide Training
  • CPI Dementia Training
Parker offers internships and externships in public health, social services, rehabilitation nursing and psychology. Medical students at all levels experience care and service in a holistic, person-centered environment based on the Eden Alternative principles.

If you would like any information about PARKER’s educational opportunities please call Lisa Slater at 732-418-8634.