Why is Parker so well regarded by its employees?

Parker works hard to be 'best in class' in the field of aging services. One of the ways we strive to be the example, for others to follow, is in how we treat our employees.

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Why is Parker a great place to work? What makes this an organization employees love?

We are a close knit community of people who constantly learn from each other and the people we serve.  We are determined to enrich the total aging experience. Each day is an empowering opportunity to:
  • Make a difference in people’s lives
  • Make real decisions that help those we serve
  • Feel appreciated, respected, well-compensated, and supported
  • Grow our talent and leadership and career paths
We are on the lookout for talented individuals who share our vision to make aging part of life.

Parker works hard to be an employer of choice - the type of company you can take pride in and trust to offer a fair and compassionate workplace, which provides ample opportunities for professional development and job growth.

We enjoy one of the highest employee retention rate, which far exceeds industry standards, partly because our employees work in a supportive environment, with an excellent benefits package, competitive compensation, a skill development plan, and many internal promotions.

We are proud to have earned the 2018 Holleran Choice Community Award for Employee Engagement. We pride ourselves on being an inspiring and joyful place to work for over 850 employees. Our staff, often described as kind, resilient and dedicated, embody of company values of being vibrant, creative and enriching, which make all the difference as we enhance the lives of the people we serve. We are attracting new employees each year to Parker's talented ranks and invite them to engage in our legacy, our unique company culture, and our evolution as an aging services system. Parker welcomes people of all ages who are excited about making a difference and finding a career in aging services. The Holleran Award is a direct result of the passion shown by our employees.

Parker takes pride in the warm organizational culture it has developed in over 100+ years of operation. We respect and reward employees who work cooperatively with staff, take initiative, and share their views to help improve the organization. We provide professional development and have given our leaders the tools to guide their staff and develop their talents.

And Parker provides  employees with a great benefits package, including tuition reimbursement, group health insurance plans, a fully-funded pension, life insurance, contributions towards gym memberships, competitive pay, long-term disability, generous paid time off, benefits starting at 22 hours per week, and much more.