Which Long-Term Care Option Is Best for You?

Resident playing cards

Long-term care is defined as assisting people of any age with their daily activities and/or medical needs over a long period of time. It's a good idea to make decisions about long-term care options before a crisis occurs. The decision making process is a difficult one and involves researching the best options for you or your loved one, then visiting programs and homes in your area. 

There are several different types of long-term care options; Parker is a well-known and innovative provider of the following long-term care options:
Assisted Living Residence - Parker at Stonegate is our assisted living residence. The residents here are cognitively well and able to get around without the assistance of staff. The community is similar to hotel or cruise ship living. Meals are prepared by our dining services team and served in our dining room or bistro. Bedroom suites are cleaned for you. We also have a recreation team that will keep you busy with lots of activities for your social calendar. There are lots of events and parties to attend with family and friends.
Skilled Nursing Residences - Parker at Landing Lane, Parker at Monroe, and Parker at River Road are our skilled nursing residences. The residents here are dependent upon staff to fulfill their physical needs or have cognitive issues that are best managed with full-time nursing care. The communities are home-like, filled with light, and comfortable. The recreation team provides a variety of activities for residents. 
Long-Term Living Community – We coined the term Long-Term Living Community for Parker at Monroe because it is a new type of skilled nursing home; it looks like an assisted living residence and utilizes the “small home” model of care. At Parker at Monroe, sixteen residents with similar needs live together in each of six small homes.

Memory Care – Parker at River Road’s Evergreen Way neighborhood provides memory care for people with early to mid-stage dementia. Parker at Monroe provides memory care for all stages of dementia. Both utilize the small home model to optimize each resident’s quality of life.
Adult Day Center – For people who live at home but join us during the day, we provide two models: our part-time social program is for healthy seniors who enjoy socializing; our full-day medical program is for seniors who have some medical needs.

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