Understanding and Empowering Caregivers of Older Adults

Event Location  
PARKER at the Pavilion
Classroom A&B
443 River Road
Highland Park, NJ
Event Date and Time 5/13/2014 6:30:00 AM
Continuing Education Workshop by Rutgers School of Social Work
Presented by Eileen Doremus, BA, CSW, Instructor

Older adults are living longer and longer lives. However, with longer life, the need for significant support increases. Caregivers are increasingly called upon to provide the necessary supports to keep an older adult functioning — often for a period of years. A key aspect of effective work with older adults is understanding and supporting the difficult and important role of their caregivers. This workshop will explore the many dimensions of caregiving for older adults, including the challenges and rewards of caregiving from an emotional, physical, and financial perspective. Caregiver burnout, coping patterns, and long-distance caregiving will be covered. You will also learn strategies and resources for supporting caregivers.

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