Tao's Top Tune-Ups

When launching our new brand campaign, we sought to identify public figures who exemplify what being WithIt is all about.

You might be familiar with Tao Porchon-Lynch from her recent appearance on America’s Got Talent. Or from her bestselling book, Dancing Light. Or from profiles of her that appeared in The New York Times, among others.

Tao is a 98-year-old master yoga instructor, author, and all around life-force who personifies what it means to be WithIt.

Some (including ABC News!) have called Tao the real-life “Forrest Gump.” That’s because, if there was a world-historic event that happened over the past century—Tao was probably there! She marched alongside Mahatma Gandhi. . . She worked for the French Resistance for General deGaulle during World War II. . . She modeled for famous fashion houses including Coco Chanel. . . And was an actress under contract with MGM during the Golden Age of Hollywood. .  .

And, today, Tao is still going strong: writing books, teaching classes, traveling the globe, and spreading light and inspiration wherever she goes.

Tao very generously spent some time with us on May 11, celebrating our milestone anniversary and helping introduce our new brand campaign, which she personifies to the max! Here, you’ll find some of Tao’s favorite yoga poses, including Shoulder Stand and Lotus, all which she practices regularly to stay flexible, limber, and #WithIt!

[Photo credit: Teresa Kennedy]

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