A Personal Note from Parker's President and CEO

By Roberto Muñiz, Parker President and CEO

It is not every day that an organization becomes 110 years young.
On May 11, 2017, Parker celebrated an historic milestone and took a big step toward changing, challenging, and expanding the conversation around aging in America. We celebrated over a century’s worth of exemplary, forward-thinking achievement in the aging services space while envisioning a future where everyone comes together to make aging part of life.
Our new brand emerged organically from what we were seeing and experiencing every day at Parker—all of which was borne out by the results of our survey you can learn more about below. Seniors are staying more vibrant, active, and connected well into their seventies, eighties, nineties, and beyond, and society is beginning to embrace that fact.
Inspired by our residents, participants, colleagues, partners, and the world at large, we have collected myriad examples of people, at any age, who are defying age stereotypes. Individually and collectively, these examples prove anti-aging stereotypes wrong by people just being themselves.
Our response is a campaign that we call it #WithIt. And we invite you to let us know what being WithIt means to you and share your own #WithIt examples (via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, @Parkerlifeorg, etc.).
For those of us who were present for the festivities on May 11, I hope this special edition of Parker Express serves as a kind of memento of our event. For those who were very much there in spirit, I hope these pages convey some of the energy and joy of that day.
The road ahead for Parker is an exciting one, and I’m thrilled we are on this journey together. 

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