The Family that Gardens Together...

Andy Yusko and CarissaThe Parker Adult Day Center welcomed Spring with another event in the Family Engagement Program Series. This special gardening event provided an opportunity to highlight some of the programs that are unique to Parker, and gave families a glimpse into the activities that Adult Day Center participants are engaged in throughout the day.
Prior to the event, recreation coordinator Carissa Keil-Sweeney assisted participants in creating planters made from recycled milk containers. Participants went through old magazines, taking out photos that spoke to them, which were then used to decorate the outside of the planters.
During the Family Engagement Program, Carissa remarked, “As you look around the room, you will see that no two planters are the same or even similar. Everyone had a chance to select images that spoke to them, and each planter has its own unique artistic self-expression.”
Parker Home’s horticultural specialist, Lee Shahay, spoke Lee at Family Engagement Programwith participants about the work she does to keep the grounds at Parker looking beautiful, as well as therapeutic benefits of having plants in your environment. With Lee’s guidance, each participant had a chance to get his or her hands dirty, leaving the program with a freshly potted geranium in a unique planter. Lee also gave helpful information on plant care and shared stress-free gardening tips. Lee closed the event with a reminder that plants and people have the same most basic needs: food, water, oxygen, and most important, love.

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