Parker Home Away from Home

As a college student, my life is a balancing act with many different responsibilities. I currently juggle keeping up with my classes, being a part-time worker at a day care, managing a social life, and of course, being an intern here at Parker Home.

When I first interviewed here, I felt at ease and comfortable, and the culture of Parker quickly made an impact on me. I was impressed by the overall friendliness of the employees, and how happy the residents and visitors seemed to be. I was thrilled to accept the internship offer, and I quickly found that my co-workers were helpful and accessible, and valued my input as a student and intern.

I was brought into Parker Home during the winter, and it seemed like there was a snow storm every few days. I was mystified when I found out that employees would sleep on cots in their offices so that they could be at work the next day, even if there was heavy snowfall. However, it began to make sense to me as I continued to spend more time here.

Since Parker Home understands that students have varying schedules, I was offered flexibility with my work hours. One day, I was sitting at my desk at 5 pm, and I heard the sounds of Latin music suddenly filling the air. I shrugged my shoulders and enjoyed the upbeat, cheerful music that played through the last hour of my day. As I left the building, I saw many different people dancing in the recreation room, and I realized that they were doing Zumba, a favorite exercise program of mine. I left Parker that day with a smile, and now I look forward to hearing the sounds and music that end my Tuesdays on a happy note.

There are so many things that make Parker different from any other place that I have worked at before, including the dedicated employees, rich culture, and great programs. Parker Home lives up to its name, and it is indeed a "home" not only for its Residents, but also its employees. Whether it's the dedicated employee that stays the night at work during a snowstorm, or the HR intern that spends less time in her house than anywhere else, Parker has proven itself to be a great home away from home for every employee who spends their time here.

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