Volunteer Profile: Alvin Blumenthal

By Harry Glazer

Alvin Blumenfeld, 86, is a retired operations manager for an inventory company. He lives with his wife in Monroe Township, New Jersey.
What is your volunteer role at Parker?
I serve as the salesperson in the Country Store in Parker at the Pavilion, Highland Park, for four hours every Wednesday. On Thursdays, I help out at Parker at Monroe with filing and other administrative tasks. I also bring elders from their small home to the Health and Wellness Center and back again.
When did you start volunteering at Parker?
I’ve been volunteering since January 2012 in the Country Store and since April 2016 at Parker at Monroe.
What inspired you to volunteer at Parker?
My wife works in the Child Development Center, which is the child daycare program based in the Pavilion in Highland Park. It’s a bonus to drive in with her and help out by giving back to the community.
“Don’t let his humble nature fool you – Alvin is one of our most dedicated volunteers. His background in accounting has helped us so much. With Alvin doing the books for the Country Store, we have a much better sense of the income and expenses. I wish every volunteer was as sharp and easy going as Alvin,” said Catherine Martino, former Senior Manager of Volunteer Services and now Assistant Administrator of Parker at Stonegate assisted living residence.

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