Amazing Parker Women: Part 3

By Danielle Woodruffe

With August 26th being National Women’s Equality Day, we sat down with some amazing Parker women. We’re celebrating their career and personal achievements, some of them were pioneers in their fields.

Maria Rabinowitz, Parker at Stonegate Resident

Tell us about your education and career?

“I graduated from Rutgers’ Douglass College and received a fellowship under the Buenos Aires Convention. I was sent to Mexico and taught Spanish literature at the American School. I fell in love with the country. When I came back, I worked for Pan Am as a flight attendant in their Latin American division out of Miami. After that, I taught at Miami Beach Senior High and moved back to Mexico to be a translator for the Mexican Social Security Ministry. Later, I returned to the states and taught Spanish and French at Rutgers Prep.”

What are some exciting things you remember about your career?

“At Pan Am we were weighed and measured periodically. That is unusual today. Also, one time we lost two engines because of a bird strike. I was just happy to be alive.”

You’ve had such an interesting career and life. Have you captured a lot of it in your self-published book?

“My book: Clouds, Rain is a book of poetry. A lot of it is about my late husband who developed dementia. I cared for him for 8-10 years.”

What advice would you give women today?

“Slug it out. You can’t take on the whole world, but you can change your own world.”

Changing her world, Maria Rabinowitz is a pioneer in women’s equality and #WithIt.

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