Ken Wolfire - A Multifaceted Man

Most days, at 9AM, the voice of 82-year-old Ken “The Wolfman” Wolfire can be heard on loudspeakers throughout Parker at McCarrick, delivering the morning announcements. “Good morning Parker at McCarrick family!” The Wolfman intones.  “The weather today is…” followed by community news and birthday wishes. To amuse his audience, Ken makes sure he adds a bit of humor to his announcements, such as inviting his fellow residents to attend “mind-boggling bingo.”

Lucy and Laurie Light Up the Great White Way

Parker has taken Lucy Douglas, a participant in Parker’s Adult Day Club at Home program, and Laurie Peters, director of the program, to some unlikely places. On May 11th, their beautiful faces were smiling down on New York City’s Times Square from the PR Newswire/Reuters billboard. They helped mark Parker’s historic 110th anniversary milestone by reminding everyone to be #WithIt. Being #WithIt is not defined by your age, but your openness to changing the conversation about aging.