Why Do Big Tech Companies Ignore Our Midlife Population?

Published in BetterAfter50.com
Written by Roberto Muñiz, President and CEO, Parker on
By Roberto Muñiz

Apple. Amazon. Facebook. Google. Instagram. These are some of the most powerful, innovative, and admired companies in the world. But they might be missing the boat when it comes to engaging with America’s soon-to-be biggest customer base. It’s a demographic tens of millions strong and counting. A group of consumers with unparalleled buying power. An audience that enjoys plenty of leisure time. I’m talking about older Americans.

A recent nationwide survey conducted by Parker about changing perceptions around aging in America found that roughly half (49%) of survey participants used positive words such as “hopeful,” “relevant,” and “vibrant” to describe the experience of growing older in America today. Perhaps even more revealing: the vast majority (71%) of those surveyed reported they do not fear or worry about aging very much at all. Yet nearly two-thirds (59% percent) of Americans said they feel that not enough technology innovation focuses on the lifestyles of seniors.

That data should speak volumes to tech companies looking to embrace this key audience—which only promises to grow in size and prominence. According to SeniorCare.com, there are currently more than 50 million people in America ages 65 and over, a figure that is expected to reach 83 million by 2050.