Aging Well - What Does It Mean to Be With It?

Published in Living Better 50

Parker President and CEO Roberto Muñiz explains the thoughts behind our #WithIt campaign and why Parker wants to make aging part of life. on
By Roberto Muñiz

What does it look like to be with it? An 86-year-old literature professor writing his latest book about Shakespeare? A 90-year-old music legend turning off the microphones at Radio City Music Hall to show his unaccompanied voice can fill the theater? A 94-year-old scientist who’s just filed a patent for a new kind of battery that might revolutionize electric cars? A 100-year-old architect who continues to make his signature stamp felt across museums, office towers, and cultural centers around the world? Harold Bloom, Tony Bennett, John Goodenough, I.M. Pei, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (aka, the Notorious RBG) are five older people who are not slowing down and continuing to do some of their best work. And they’re not alone.