Intern helps Evergreen Way focus on 'Simple Pleasures'

At Parker, we regularly host college interns and give them meaningful projects, with practical relevance to their future careers. 
Mitra Ghandeharizadeh, a senior majoring in psychology at Rutgers-New Brunswick, has been an intern this fall on Evergreen Way - the memory care neighborhood in Parker's senior residence in Piscataway, and in our Adult Day Program in Highland Park. 
As part of her internship Mitra asked all the Elders and Caregivers on Evergreen Way about their 'Simple Pleasures' and then she created a lovely tree with the results (see accompanying photo). The tree, now framed, is on the wall in the dining area at Evergreen Way.
Some of the ‘Simple Pleasures’ captured on the tree include:
“My simple pleasures are going for a walk with my dog Sunny and spending time with my family.” – Deepika A.
“My simple pleasures are spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren, and eating ice cream.” – Denesia G., CNA
“My simple pleasures are cooking and spending time with family and friends.” – Juliana M., CNA
“My simple pleasures are going to the gym, spending time with family, and shopping.” – Erika R.
“My simple pleasures are being with people I enjoy being with.” – Russell L.
“My simple pleasures are eating desserts and spending time outdoors.” – Joan G.
We delight in Mitra's project because it is a wonderful statement about the importance of each person's individuality. It also reminds us that, beyond our hometowns, our professions, and other 'big picture' features that define us, we all share a passion for simple things make life truly rich, happy, and meaningful.

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