Stepping Up to the Pulpit

By Harry Glazer

Some of the best jobs allow you to build skills, and fill roles, than weren’t on the initial job description.
For Patricia Romagna, recreation assistant at Parker in Monroe (PAM), such an opportunity presented itself when in the summer of 2015, she learnedthat PAM was looking for people to conduct religious services for the residents. Drawing on a long interest in faith, and her studies and experiences while earning a master’s degree in divinity studies from Seton Hall University, Patricia stepped up and offered to help out. She’s been a welcome addition to the schedule ever since.
Patricia leads ecumenical prayer services in PAM’s Great Room every other Sunday. Her services include readings from the Old and New Testaments, sing-a-long hymns, videos, stories, and large-type images of scriptural selections broadcast on a large video-screen for easier reading. PAM elders are invited to actively participate in the services, by reading some of the scriptures to the group. Patricia practices the readings with the elders before their moment in the spotlight.
Patricia’s religious services have become a tradition at PAM and are greatly appreciated by all the participants. Parker is grateful for her inspiration to serve, her talents to inspire others, and her dedication to the elders. 

Photo caption: Patricia, standing, assists PAM resident Doris Short in reading a Psalm at a recent Sunday service.

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