The Value of Recognition - Pass It On

By Roberto Muñiz

An email recently came across my desk announcing that Parker at Stonegate, our Assisted Living community, was awarded the National Silver Quality Achievement Award by the American Health Care Association. Parker is one of 71 recipients nationally, with only three in New Jersey.

Why do I share this news with you? Is it because of the pride I feel in our staff and leadership, of course, but there’s another, more important reason. We learn from one another.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear about an organization, particularly one I am familiar with, receiving an award or honor, I think “what are they doing so unique that merits special recognition”? This is not at all in a negative way; I just want to know what they are doing that is different and innovative, and how here at Parker we might learn from their experience.

When nomination forms and call for submissions come into Parker I encourage my staff to think about what ideas, information, and best practices we can share with others.  

Parker has been fortunate over the years to be recognized on an organizational and individual level. Among the many awards is our recent 2016 New Good Neighbor Award given to Parker at Monroe from the New Jersey Business and Industry Association and New Jersey Business magazine. In 2012, we received an important grant from the LeadingAge Innovations Fund. And this June, Linda Sue Patron, Stonegate Director of Nursing, received the 2016 Northeast Region Nurse Administrator of the Year award from the National Association of Directors of Nursing Administrators, Long Term Care.

At a glance, what we see is the award and accolades, but what is behind the recognition is the work, commitment, research, and people who are looking for new and innovative ways to provide care, services, and support to seniors and caregivers. 

Receiving an award, having a submission accepted for an industry conference, or opening your organization to tours (Parker recently had visitors from Germany, China and the United Kingdom) are all opportunities for us to learn from one another.

At Parker we will continue to share our stories and successes – I hope you will too.

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