Why I Went Back to School to Be a CNA

Photo of Ebony Figueroa receiving the diploma from Parker CNA school
From the left - Leanne Fiet (Parker at Monroe Administrator), Maria Ryan (Human Resources Manager), Ebony Figueroa, Roberto Muñiz (President and CEO), and Curt Evans (Chief Operations Officer). Photo by Fern Marder.

By Ebony Figueroa

I first learned about the CNA school program before I went on maternity leave and knew right way that I wanted to do it. I was an LPN student before but was forced to stop taking classes due to financial difficulties; therefore, I was excited for the opportunity so that I could begin my studies again. As an added bonus, Parker was offering the CNA class at no charge for all ten students accepted into the program.
A few days after completing the internal transfer form, I was invited to an interview with Yolanda Golebowski, Director of Nursing, and Maria Ryan, HR Manager at Parker at Monroe, to discuss, at length, as to why I wanted to become a CNA and if I was sincere about continuing my education. Receiving my acceptance into the program left me feeling grateful and beyond excited about the future.  
The first day of class was just like any other first day of class; everyone was nervous but our instructor, Mrs. Haas, made it a breeze to understand and learn. I am a hands-on learner, so being trained on the floor of the nursing home really helped me.
This CNA training course gave me insight into Parker. It was a pleasure to work side-by-side with seasoned CNAs and to see the care and dedication they have to the residents and each other. I especially enjoyed witnessing the inside jokes that CNAs and residents share together.
Besides training and reading, taking tests and quizzes, and remembering medical terminology, I also learned about the importance of being a CNA. CNAs are the first people most residents see each day. The first morning interaction is really what sets the tone for the rest of the day. To me, the most important aspect of being a CNA is to make each day enjoyable for our residents, and to provide the care and companionship to our residents that sets Parker above the rest.  

Ed. Note: Ebony is currently Lead Housekeeper at Parker at Stonegate but will transition into her new CNA role soon.

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